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Tis the Season in Tubac ( Now Open ! Stores Restaurants Art Galleries Live Music )Example

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Special Outside Sidewalk Sales and Online promotions at

Tis the Season in Tubac

Now Open ! 
( Stores Restaurants Art Galleries and Live Music )

Additionally Community and Connections is seeking to help the many Patrons and Businesses in the Village of Tubac and Surrounding areas. Community and Connections will now begin to advertise businesses in the AM and PM each business day including Saturday. Not including Sundays as the Saturday ad in the afternoon will run all day on Sunday. Each business will have this opportunity as the Rotation begins..

The ads will run on the Homepage during the Event of the Community and Connections Tubac Fall Walk all promos will be seen on the Homepage of 

There will also be cost options that include additional ways of advertising your Stores products these options are as followed.

Email for more information on the Cost for Videos, Outdoor Banners, and more to

See Example below. 

Cost to advertise in 1 City starts at 125.00

( Payments by Check, Zelle or Venmo are Accepted Zelle is Preferred. ) 

Also See examples of Custom Branded Videos of Retail stores and Directory listings at the links below.


Stone House of Tubac


Tubac Olive Oil

YouTube Video of Tubac Olive Oil